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Excerpt from Clay Chat

As one who has taken a few workshops, I will give you what I consider sound advice.


Give each participant your undivided personal attention if at all possible. Do not size up a person from previous prejudices you may have; i.e. housewives looking for a hobby. You never know what sacrifices that person has made to be at your workshop. Give each attendee the most that you have to give.


Some of the “greats” in the magazines are the worst teachers you could ever choose and some of the unknowns have set off near miracles with the attendees. One is Alice Federico, wherever she may be. Years ago I attended one of her workshops simply because her aunt lived in my town. I had never heard of her nor had I seen her work. Just a courtesy to her aunt. Alice gave her all to every attendee. She was 100% a potter. I have more respect for her today than so many of the “greats” who I have had the misfortune to encounter.


In summary, and I repeat, ad nauseum – give each person all that you have and you will be a winner.



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